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Nanak Shah Fakir Movie

Nanak Shah Fakir Movie Poster by SikhwarriorsArt

  • Studio
    Gurbani Media
  • Short Description
    First feature film on the life & teachings of Guru Nanak
  • Long Description
    Vision, Dream, Produced by: Harinder S Sikka
    Co-producers - Samar Sikka, Resul Pookutty
    DOP - AK Bir, Sandeep Patil

300 Dawn of Xerxes

 300-3 Dawn of Xerxes

Just imagining about what should be the next sequel to :sparta:  300 so it may be like Dawn of Xerxes CURSE YOU!
:icon300plz:  300-3 dawn of xerxes :D (Big Grin) Sparta Emoticon  

300 rise of an empire , next sequel of 300 rise of an empire 300 sequel

Guardian of the Mud Fort or Chamkaur 3D

Guardian of the Mud Fort or Chamkaur 3D

Bit a confused which title should I choose for my script, Chamkaur 3D or The Guardian of the Mud Fort .
Personally Guardian of the Mud Fort attracting me as it clears more about the type of script to those who do not knows anything about Battle of Chamkaur.
So whats your choicce??

Stock Images : Prince of Persia environment , Sikhiart
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